'T-Shirt Red' Attack Hospital Bangkok Thailand

'T-Shirt Red' Attack Hospital Bangkok Thailand
A large hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, were forced to evacuate their patients and to cancel all services except emergency surgery on Friday (04/30/2010). The move was made after protesters were anti-government, known as the mass of T-Red, which occupies the zone near the hospital was rushed to the hospital to go after the security forces who they suspect were placed.

A group of mass Shirt Red came into the Hospital of Chulalongkorn, Thursday night. They ignore the demand for hospital director who pleaded not to enter. They only withdrew after not finding the army or police at the hospital.

Prime Minister Abbhisit Vejjajiva, who wants dijungkalkan the demonstrators, through national television condemned the action of T-Rouge that has paralyzed downtown area of Bangkok. "No. I need to condemn (the attack to the hospital) because the citizens of Thailand and the world community has done that," he said. He added that the government will not allow movement that pose a threat to the public.

Despite warnings, the T-Shirt Red, who began his protest March 12 in a campaign to impose a general election soon, has challenged the ruling on every street corner, entered the parliament building, closing the streets in the capital city of Thailand. At least 27 people have been killed and nearly 1,000 others were injured in violence in the streets.

Security forces in almost every occasion are unable or unwilling to stop the action of T-Red, including attacks on the public hospital's. However, Weng Tojirakarn, leader Shirt Red who is a doctor, to apologize deeply for assault by about 100 protesters were. He called it inappropriate, excessive, and unreasonable.

The government has sent around 100 policemen to keep the pages that hospital. "They can protest all they want, but they do not have to come here, and they should not prevent us from receiving health care services," said purine Supadith angrily. He is one of many who rejected outpatient hospital on Friday morning.

Responding to the action of T-Red that last one, an activist pro-government asked the army into action against the protesters and for an end to anarchy in the capital city. Reappearance of the mass of T-Yellow, which is famous in the closure of the airport of Bangkok for a week in 2008, has added to the turmoil in the streets of Bangkok.

Chamlong Srimuang, a leader of high-Shirt Yellow, suggested that martial law was immediately applied, deliver a series of state functions to the military, and warned that civil war could occur if the protest T-shirt Red did not also be stopped.

T-Shirt Yellow represents a group of business and bureaucratic elite of Thailand, whose influence was resented by T-Red, which mostly come from rural and urban poor.

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