Mysterious explosion of Space Objects

Mysterious explosion of Space Objects
The result of the crime scene were taken teams from the Central Forensic Laboratory of the National Police Headquarter indicating a possible source of the explosion which occurred at a house in Jalan Delima Gang VI 2, Family Malaka Sari, Kecamatan Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, came from outer space objects or space object.
"While there concluded that menghatam objects from the outside into the house," said East Jakarta District Police Chief Kombes Hasanudin on site, Friday (04/30/2010).

According to Hasanuddin, certainly not from the blast tube of a gas or explosives. On location, two gas cylinders were still intact and is not found gunpowder or other suspicious objects.

Ballistics Department Heads Police Headquarters Kombes Metalorgi PUSLABFOR Amri Kamil said it took the dust from the suspected location of space debris objects at home Sudarmojo. Dust was going through a laboratory test. "Tomorrow's results will be known, what it was," he said.

When asked if ever there was a similar incident before, Amri said, "There has never happened like this," he replied.
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