Bad habits smoking

Bad habits smoking
Lost is actually a normal thing, but it can also become abnormal. In terms of memory, was the limited ability of the brain in the recall was strongly associated with lifestyle factors.

If at a young age we often forget to put stuff, forget the date, or forget to remember people's names, maybe because you always maintain bad habits.

In a recent study, Dr.Severina Sabia and his team found that more than 5123 respondents who have a bad habit of big risk decreased cognitive function. In this research Sabia and his team healthy habits of the workers surveyed in London, England, aged 44, 56, and 61 years.

After weighing the factors of age, gender, and socioeconomic status, it is known that smokers are a group of people most at risk of decline in memory, verbal ability and reasoning skills and math.

Declining memory ability was also seen in those who had a habit of alcohol drinking about 1-14 times a week. Similarly, in people who rarely exercise. Well, now it's up to you, what can we do?

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