The people believed Hamid Karzai's

The people believed Hamid Karzai's
Hamid Karzai's administration was not following trusted by the people of Afghanistan. Moreover, those who live in the countryside.

Surveying the brand from the Pentagon, as obtained from media outlets such as AP, AFP, and Reuters on Thursday (29/04/2010) also concluded, support for the government remains weak. It's because of increasing violence in Afghanistan continues ten years later.

Survey every two years by the Ministry of Defense was for security and stability in Afghanistan says all, there is progress in some areas, but the Taliban remains strong and increasingly effective. This report came out ahead of the planned meeting between President Hamid Karzai and President Obama in Washington next month.

At least, there are 121 districts throughout Afghanistan which are well known military commanders Abang Sam (U.S.). Now, the task of the commanders are winning the battle in places it against the Taliban. Only, the results of earlier research showed less than 25 percent of the total population living in the 121 region sympathetic to the government.

Even worse than that, the majority of them chose to be a neutral or supporting the Taliban. This report also presents a portrait that the activities of the resistance with pressure, but managed to enlarge our capabilities and broaden its reach.

Taliban, according to the report, has a supply of money, weapons, ammunition, and new people who remain. Predictably, the Taliban will move to the area north and west half of this year.

Although the Pentagon assessing military operations successfully, the report says that progress in the field of governance and development is very slow. The Ministry of Defence United assessing corruption, scarcity of basic services, and arbitrary behavior of officials as the things that helped the success of the insurgency attacks.

Some might hope that this report will provide greater opportunities to President Obama to press President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, when they meet next month.

However, the reality is that both these leaders are equally concerned about the future of Afghanistan and also should jointly bear the mistakes that had occurred. More importantly, they must decide how to change this situation because none of them should fail.
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