The principle is wrong in the relationship of husband and wife

The principle is wrong in the relationship of husband and wife

Whether or not a very strong marriage depends with the principles held by husband and wife. The principle that one will make a boomerang for the Ark of households in later days, while the principle of the right will make the marriage remain immortal in spite of various storms attacked their household.

Many Christian couples do not realize they actually have based their marriage with the wrong principles. Worse, they know this after the wedding has been running 5 years or 10 years. When it happens to percekcokkan, divorce reluctantly done because it is not allowed, but when fixed with the current husband or wife then what happens is a fight for the sake of argument.

Therefore, to overcome this then you and your spouse should know and check on the principles of what is still held and needs to be changed. Do it quickly and walk in truth.

One Principle 1: Marriage is a contract.

Yes, marriage is a legal marriage, but in the eyes of God is even higher. The truth is that marriage is a covenant, a promise that can not be separated. This is a once in a lifetime commitment.

Principle One 2: I married you, not your family.

The truth is that you not only marry your spouse, you also "marry" your family as one package! Do not kid yourself and think-in-law or your brother in law is not a problem. Your partner grew up in a family who wanted to see what your partner be like today.

Principle One 3: I can change my spouse.

Wrong! You can not change the character or habits of your partner with your great love. You can change is your reaction to your partner.

One Principle 4: We are too different.

The difference is not a major problem as long as it is not about values and morals that you hold so far. discrepancy is not turned off a relationship. The main issue is how you deal with your differences.

One Principle 5: Love me dead for my partner.

Your passion may not last forever, but love to stay for life. You may not always feel the vibration of love but you must decide to love your spouse like yourself.

One Principle 6: the more traditional marriage will save our marriage.

Because of frustration, many men feel that if their relationship could be like the Brady Bunch spouse, life will be happier. They are confused about gender roles and responsibilities. Penundukkan self-concept is often misunderstood and abused. Will of God about the actual marriage is gender equality.

False Principle 7: This is me - If you do not like to leave me.

Reluctance to change is rooted in rebellion. This way you do things that are against God. If you say you can not change it would be contrary to the experience of your life safety. This requires a willingness to look at your behavior and work toward becoming more like Christ.

Principle One 8: He was having an affair. We have to get divorced.

Infidelity is a serious and damaging, but it can not be improved if both partners agree not to try. There must be a commitment to end the affair, the time of repentance, forgiveness and rebuilding relationships. The agreement may have been damaged but can be restored if the spouse chooses to do so. It's not easy, but possible.

Principle One 9: It does not matter if I make a sin because God will forgive.

God will forgive you if you repent, but not become indifferent to what you're doing. Your behavior has spiritual consequences, so do not consider cheap grace of God.

10 Principle One: It's already too damaged.

If you feel there is no hope of the future of your marriage have looked bleak, believe God can change it. He can change hearts, to perform miracles and work in the most difficult situations. He is a God who can. Come closer to Him, your marriage broker, to do battle with your true enemy (Satan) and gharapkan God to work on your behalf.

If you and your spouse remain inextricably linked with God, your marriage will reflect the intimacy. Divorce does not have to happen. There is no marriage that does not face the dangers of divorce but you prevent it. It's time to fix divorce statistics down with your marriage intact and filled with love of God.
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