Clashed Happen Outside Bangkok Thailand

Clashed Happen Outside Bangkok Thailand
Thai security forces on Wednesday (04/28/2010), engaged the protesters clashed with the Red Shirt in a city of chaos outside Bangkok when they seek to prevent a massive demonstration centered in the middle of town. An officer was reported killed and at least 18 protesters were injured.
Was unclear whether the officers using rubber bullets or lead bullets in the incident that occurred along the highway linking Bangkok and sub-urban areas in the northern part of Thailand's capital city. Connecting road itself had already blockaded the security apparatus uses barbed wire.

As is known, the group has rallied the Red Shirt for weeks in the city of Bangkok to demand that their government Abhisit value is no longer legitimate to reverse. Action in the city also received support from suburban communities. They flocked to using motorcycles and cars pickup. The authorities also tried to prevent the expansion of this action and blocks them before reaching Bangkok.

Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, for example, riot troops repeatedly fired shots into the air to push back the protesters. However, a number of protesters desperate lunge and try to pull the barbed wire. The authorities also opened fire on the protesters.

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