Bret Michaels Condition Bit Backward

Bret Michaels Condition Bit Backward

After experiencing a brain hemorrhage last week, the star of the television reality show The Celebrity Apprentice, Bret Michaels (47) stated side effects that cause seizures or resurrection (abnormal electrical activity that occurs in the brain).
Parties Michaels announced that condition through the site of this former vocalist of Poison, Tuesday (27/04/2010) Los Angeles time. The condition occurred because of lack of sodium. However, before this statement via the same site does not mention that Michaels has suffered actual resurrection.

Before this, Michaels stated in a state of conscious and critical, but stable in the ICU (intensive care unit) a hospital that did not publish the name and location.

The statement this time said, conditions are still positive and he responded well to the tests and treatments are performed on it. "Despite today's conditions are a bit backward, doctors are still hopeful about the recovery of total and plans to issue more specific information next Monday (05/03/2010)," reads the statement.

According to a spokesman for Michaels, Joann Mignano, who wrote the statement, the doctors said that Michaels - who began at age six years suffers from Type 1 diabetes - are still in luck, because in fact this condition can be fatal.

"With further testing and rehabilitation, they (the doctors), full of hope that Bret will gradually improve along with the blood that surrounds the brain dissolve and be absorbed back into the system, which can be a painful healing process and takes many weeks to months and month, "he continued. (AP / ATI)

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