Bad Habits Shortening Age

Bad Habits Shortening Age
If you do not want to look old quickly, avoid the following four bad habits: smoking, drinking too much, less mobile, and unhealthy eating patterns. Combination of the four bad habits that will make you look 12 years older than actual age.
The conclusion is based on an analysis of the 5000 track record during 20 years the British people. Overall, 314 people have four bad habits. Among them, 91 people or 29 percent died during the study period. Compare with a group of four people who had no bad habits, only 32 who died, or about 8 percent.

Unhealthy habits that include, among others, are smoking, drinking alcohol more than three cups per day, less than two hours exercise each week, and rarely eat fruit and vegetables.

"To be in the healthy category, you do not have to be extreme. If your lifestyle can be changed, especially when it abandoned the four bad habits, the result will be very good," said Elisabeth Kvaavik from the University of Oslo.

The results, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine this reinforce previous studies that have linked healthy lifestyle with someone a long life.

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