Symptoms and signs of menopause in men

Symptoms and signs of menopause in men
In the male menopause, called andropause or, though often denied, is actually realistic conditions. Similar in women, this condition occurs because there is decreased production of hormones. But still there are differences, of symptoms and their impact on women and men. Signs of andropause in men include:

1. Testosterone production weakened
Testosterone production has weakened along with the various diseases that accompany the andropause in men. Diseases such as depression, obesity, or other conditions affect testosterone production. The difference is, when menopausal women lose estrogen in total, and the opportunity to find the child begins to diminish. Andropause in men does not necessarily mean a total stop testosterone production. Despite showing symptoms endropause, when age is aging men can still have kids.

2. Hot-cold body
Similar symptoms in women, men also experience hot and cold. Body in extreme hot and sweaty, and then getting cold. These symptoms followed by dizziness and nausea. Symptoms such as this only lasted a few minutes, and occurs in 2 to 4 hours.

3. Mood changes
Mood changes are the result of fluctuations in hormones during menopause. Hormones affect the levels of serotonin in the brain, which in turn affects mood. Mood will be positive with a high amount of serotonin, and become negative if the level is small. Changes in mood in men is not so intense as in women. Still, the mood in men could be seen as responding to changing circumstances. Even symptoms like this if it will last a long time to be depressed.

4. Easy to forget
Concentration and memory capability will be reduced when a man entered a period of andropause, although no clear relationship between hormone levels with memory impairment. The combination of heat and cold symptoms, mood changes, decreased libido and weight loss, a symptom of andropause, which leads to stress and decreased ability mentality. Quickly forgotten, for example, but is also associated with age. But just because it forgot to save the key, for example, does not mean necessarily be said of andropause.

5. Decreased sex drive
The most common symptoms of andropause is decreased libido. Nearly 80 percent of men experiencing these symptoms. Medical care can overcome erectile dysfunction caused this andropause.

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