Can stand in the way men make love

Can stand in the way men make love
According to a survey conducted Men's Health magazine, the average length of time it takes a man when having sex about five to 10 minutes. Is short enough, though women often take longer to orgasm.
Communication with the partner to have sex more qualified to be the key. Try and help your partner with some of the following ways to make it more durable during lovemaking.

Ejaculation control
Premature ejaculation is inevitable. Men can pull the penis when it was going to ejaculate. This method can reduce blood flow to the penis and helps men to delay ejaculation.

Exercise of masturbation
When masturbating, a man can train his ability to make love longer. When masturbating, hold about 10 minutes before ejaculation. This time could be coupled with exercise. This method can adjust the man during lovemaking, ejaculation can be delayed mean time of several minutes.

Longer foreplay
Do not be too hasty penetration. Prolong the time for the foreplay can help men last longer during sex.

Do kegel exercises
Men can train the ability to exercise kegel sex. Kegel can help men control the muscles that regulate ejaculatory function. Kegel exercises can be done in a way like he was holding urination.

Control penetration
Motion control penetration. Sex will be brief if the penis is inserted continuously, repeatedly, and with full force. Control penetration with slower motion along the sex.

Position variation
Change positions often during sex, can make a longer duration. Certain positions can make a couple enjoy sex, but also help men to last longer. For example, the woman on top position.

More frequent sex
Have sex more often in men may provide an opportunity to recognize her abilities. The distance is too long sex, making him unable to resist ejaculation.

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