Thousands of U.S. Citizens Prepare demonstration

Thousands of U.S. Citizens Prepare demonstration
Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to rally across the United States on Saturday (01/05/2010) to protest against new immigration laws in Arizona that harsh criticism groups of human rights.

 The rally is planned in more than 70 cities, while Hispanic organizations are demanding the withdrawal of the law and immigration reform at the federal level.  
Rally organizer who is also Chairman of the Mexican American Political Association said Nativo Lopez, the Arizona law was "just encourage the workers, immigrants, young people, women, unions, and their sympathizers to protest."  
"Action will be held not only condemn the laws in Arizona, but it requires a humane immigration reform and fair by the Democratic administration in 2010," added Lopez.  
The protesters are expected to join in one of the strategic area of Los Angeles. Police said their number could reach over 100,000 people. Approximately one million people took to the streets in a similar action in the city in 2006.
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