Pakistan suicide bomb

Pakistan suicide bomb
Perpetrators of suicide attacks hit the entrance of a busy market in the northwestern Pakistani town of Swat, Saturday (01/05/2010), killing two people and injuring nine others, police said.

Two of the bomber tried to attack in Mingora, but police said security forces shoot dead one of them before he blew himself up a wound in explosive devices. "It was a suicide attack," said Qazi Jamil, chief of police Malakand region to the northwest, the Swat valley, told AFP in his message.

"One was shot dead, while the other blew himself up. So far, nine people were wounded and two killed. Among the injured, three in critical condition," he added.

Ghulam Farooq, Mingora police chief, confirmed number of the dead, speaking to AFP by phone from the mountain district, which lies 125 kilometers to the northwest of Islamabad.

In the morning, police arrested a teenager who will perform a suicide bombing, and disarm explosive devices.
Doctor Lal Noord Afridi in a large hospital in Saidu Sharif, the twin city in Mingora, said the original eight people taken to hospital due to wounds, including two people critically injured.
During two years of crippling the Taliban Swat valley to promote the application of Islamic law, oppose education for girls and beheading opponents until the government deployed thousands of troops there.
After the military launched a major assault in April and then in the neighboring district, Buner, Lower Dir, and Swat on May 8, 2009, Pakistan claimed it back in the mountainous region under control of the armed forces.
An estimated two million people who fled last year have now returned to their homes, and around Swat, and try to rebuild their lives. But short attacks, threats, and tensions still penetrated there.
Last Saturday bombing in Mingora is the first since a suicide attacker killed nine people in the city, on February 22.
Suicide and bomb attacks, which killed nearly 3300 people since July 2007 in the country's nuclear armed Pakistan, blamed the Taliban and al Qaeda guerrillas.
Years ago, and suicide bomb attacks killed many civilians in war-torn Afghanistan.
In Pakistan's southwest, which is also plagued by guerrilla groups, separatist rebellions and ethnic violence. A bomb which was placed on three-wheeled vehicle blown up in the big city of Quetta, wounding six people, said the official.
The bombs were detonated by remote control exploded when a police car passes in settlements Saryab, police said.
Four policemen and two pedestrians among those injured, he added.
Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan province is rich in gas and oil, which borders Iran and Afghanistan.
There are parties who do not immediately claimed responsibility, but similar bombing-bombing always blamed the separatists, secular tribal rebels in Baluchistan.
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