Leona Lewis Enjoy Swimming Naked

Leona Lewis Enjoy Swimming Naked
Singer and songwriter Leona Lewis (25) admitted to not be comfortable if you had to pose in front of the camera with minimal wear, much less naked. Therefore, Lewis said, he could never follow her idol, Madonna, who was known for his stage act which seronok and his book Sex, which shows him naked.
"I would never be photographed wearing a bikini," Lewis said. "It's too embarrassing. I also will never release a book of sex," he continued.
However, despite refusing to pose with minimal clothing, let alone naked, Lewis recently gave recognition that sepotongpun swim without clothing is causing a sense of freedom. He has admitted doing so when a time I was in Portugal.
"When I was with some friends in Portugal and our women's swimming naked. One of my friends was having a difficult time with her boyfriend, so we thought, do something crazy. That (swimming with naked) will feel free," the woman's story England. ( / ATI)
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