Feeling increasingly Sexy Demi Moore

Feeling increasingly Sexy Demi Moore
The older, Demi Moore have even more to feel sexy. Apparently, this belief arises out of a sense of love Ashton Kutcher so much against him.

'I feel sexy because I feel the love. Sexy is a feeling from within. When you feel sexy or sensuous, you'll want to open up and give, and I think this comes from love and desire, "Moore said in Look magazine, not long ago.
Moore was 47 years old - 15 years older than Kutcher - believes that happiness in life to make herself look beautiful. "Laughing and smiling is the best antidote to your age. I feel like I am five years old. Therefore I put the photos in Twitter is a photo when she was five years old," he said.

"The more we see ourselves as something attractive and sexy, the more others will accept us in a similar manner." (AST / ANS / ContactMusic)

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