How do I ride horses sidesaddle

 How do I ride horses sidesaddle

Ride a horse saddle for women since ancient Greek and Celtic. Art has portrayed them ride sidesaddle on the back of a man or horse riding side was led by men. While today women independent enough to ride the same style as the men, some still choose to ride sidesaddle, and rose as has been increasingly popular since the 1970s.

Preparing to Ride

1.How do I ride horses sidesaddle.   Training the horse to become accustomed to the saddle for women riders. Since both feet are on the same side of the horse, only one foot can be used to issue commands, and saddle for women riders need to carry a whip or Romal to compensate. (Whip only be used to signal, not to punish.)

2. How do I ride horses sidesaddle Get the right saddle. Saddle to ride sidesaddle usually has slammed both placed to the side to support the thighs, as well as good safety bar or safety stirrups designed to release in case the rider falls from a horse. Sidesaddles available for English and Western rose, but the rider must often buy their saddles are used. Eldonian brand that is considered best by many riders, but other good brands including Knoud, Hermes, and Champion and Wilton.

3. How do I ride horses sidesaddle Adjusting to saddle to bridle her horse, if necessary. Most of the controls designed for horseback riding horse riding sidesaddle may take control again. You may also need a bit with the pressure side of the road to keep the horse's head in the right corner.

4.How do I ride horses sidesaddle  Dress to ride sidesaddle. For the English rose, wearing clothes similar to those imposed on fox hunting, while for Western riding, Western wear is appropriate. Wear an apron or skirt over trousers or pants horse. You may wear spurs on the left leg.


Riding sidesaddle

1 Maintain correct posture while riding. Sitting just above the horse with your hips and shoulders square to the horse and your spine parallel to the spine.

2.  Bring both legs to the ankles and heels bent under the foot. Left heel down to the contact with the horse and placement in the stirrup, while the right heel down just for balance. In this position, you can press the saddle with your legs to maintain his grip on the saddle if necessary, but maintaining correct posture is the best way to remain seated.

3.  Control equally.

4.  Cue the horse with a nudge with the left foot, propelled or not, and with a whip or Romal.


Considering the type of saddle for ladies riding you will do when you're shopping for a saddle. Jump riders need a different saddle than pleasure riders.

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